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Apparently, I am not the only one in my family with issues of  letting go.  (I feel compelled to add, for the sake of clarity, that my issues are not akin to Nik’s!)

We saw Nik’s beloved Doctor Mary this afternoon.  It’s true, she is beloved; she is the only doctor Nik will ever fully —and joyfully— cooperate with no matter how awful he may be feeling.  He adores her and makes her laugh; it’s a win-win social skills situation all the way around. 

But I digress.

The results from the lab cultures will not be ready for a few more days; apparently the specific cultures Doctor Mary requested can take up to five days.  But we don’t think Nik has an infection, really; the severity of symptoms ebbs and flows —from severe to nearly nonexistent— in the course of any given day.  There is, thus far, always a slight lull after Nik’s had a couple of really awful days full of explosive diarrhea.  (What?? TMI?  Try living with him for a while!)

The abdominal x-ray —which I must say Nik was an absolute champ for— showed no structural concerns but did show a significant amount of stool in the large bowel.  At first blush, it appears that he is developing a bad case of  constipation —bordering on a partial obstruction.

I won’t go into graphic detail about what leads Doctor Mary to this conclusion.  Imagine your kitchen drain being partially clogged; it still works, just a little slower.  When it gets really bad, you have to, erm, help it along.  Same thing with Nik.  Of course, this doesn’t address the underlying cause of the situation; one thing at a time.

So, if I disappear over the next couple of days, though I hope not to, you’ll know it’s simply because things have gotten —as the good doctor put it— “worse before getting better.”  If that doesn’t do the trick, we’ll revisit the issue with Doctor Mary at the end of the week.  She may want another x-ray to see just how bad things look.

Fingers crossed that it all, ahem, comes out okay.

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ARGH! Poocasso strikes again! Damn, I wish that kid would grunt or fart out loud or SOMETHING when he’s going! Where’s that darned GPEW!?

I don’t know what it is but Nik seems to go through these cycles of both genital (self) stim and playing with his BM’s. It is so bad that the poor kid couldn’t fall asleep last night because we had him in a one-piece outfit and he couldn’t get his hand down his diaper! He had already had a BM, so I finally changed him into two-piece jammies at 10p. He fell asleep within minutes…hand inside his pants. NO KIDDING!

Hey, I’m all for the kid having a way of soothing himself to get to sleep. However, this starts out innocently enough then escalates to reports from the preschool teacher, “Mrs. Niksmom, Nik was doing his Chippendale’s routine at nap time again today. Had his pants and diaper off and, well, was playing with himself. Gave the girls quite an education, if you know what I mean.” Nope, NOT making that up…that’s almost a verbatim quote from the SAME TIME LAST YEAR!

Now, with the BM’s, it’s to the point that someone has to watch him like a hawk if he hasn’t pooped before nap time; Nik is not terribly discriminating about where he is when he “paints.” Home, school, doctor’s office…he doesn’t care. I suppose the good thing (??) is that he usually keeps it to himself (all over his hands and tummy…and sometimes his face. UGH!).

Anyone had to deal with this? Were you able to successfully curtail the habit? Please, God, someone tell me how to make him stop!?

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