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Easter Surprises

Seems the Easter flu is going around. I knew Nik’s raging fever couldn’t be from a simple ear infection. Now he’s coughing and has a runny nose…and has shared his bounty with me, too. Sigh…won’t be many festivities in our house tomorrow. Oh well.
Hope yours is joyful and full of wonderful things
Chocolate bunnies are a bonus!

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Tiny tots, with their eyes all aglow,
Will find it hard to sleep tonight

~The Christmas Song

Well, our eyes are all aglow here –at least two out of three of us anyway –but it’s not from the joyous anticipation of Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, we all love Christmas and are excited about it’s imminent arrival; it’s just that we’ve been a bit preoccupied with a recent visitor –I’ll call him Joe —G.I. Joe. As in “What’s up, Chuck?” (Okay, if I have to explain it…never mind!)

It’s been another very full week with lots of things going on —besides the advent of our unwanted pal, Joe. But he did bring us some early gifts –including fever, nausea, and a very upset tummy. The glittering I see in the eyes looking back at me? One hundred and one degrees shining back from both the kid and the face in the mirror. There is such a thing as too much symbiosis. Really.

I’m not sure I have the energy to write in detail about it all so here are the highlights:

Nik saw Santa on a hook and ladder truck Sunday night –right on our street; Nik was joyfully overwhelmed and practically kicked poor Niksdad in the face as he flapped and squealed with delight from his vantage point on his Daddy’s shoulders. The local fire department brings Santa around to all the neighborhoods each year. The past two years Nik has slept right through it. This year we decided to see how he handled it. Santa who? He wants the big, shiny, red truck with the flashing lights. Fat guy in red suit optional.

Monday, Niksdad took over and marshaled Nik to his appointment with the cardiologist; it was his annual check up –something he’s going to need to have for life. The visit was good but Niksdad does have a couple of questions based on the written report we got in the mail on Wednesday. Something raised a red flag about possible thickening of one of the atrial walls. In and of itself it’s not a scary thing but it bears investigation and clarification. Overall though, he was given a pretty clean bill of cardiac health. Yippee!

Wedged in among doctor’s appointments this week were a couple of feeding therapy sessions and some OT and PT, too. All good stuff with positive, forward motion. More on those another time.

I’ve been watching how Nik has been playing lately and notice a big shift; he’s more interested in and attentive to some of his books –the musical ones with thick board pages that he can’t tear, of course. Where he used to simply toss them aside or only played the music, he now will choose a book from a couple I offer and very deliberately sit on the sofa to read. He still plays the music and pushes all the buttons, but he also actually looks at the pages and turns them back and forth, trying to make some sense of what he sees. He’s also begun playing with wheeled toys in a very appropriate way. The two trains he got for his birthday are now more than objects to mouth; he actually rolls them back and forth across the floor and then goes after them. The neat thing is that he figured that one out all on his own –no help from constant repetition by me or Niksdad.

We finally got to see the diagnostician on Thursday. Almost didn’t make it because Nik was in the throes of the GI bug. We waited too long to get the appointment; I wasn’t about to cancel. I am still processing thoughts and impressions from that visit and will save that for another post. It wasn’t all that I had built it up to be in my mind; expectations can be such a tricky thing. No matter how good the reality is it still doesn’t measure up. Sigh…

We added a new service professional to Nik’s team yesterday morning; an orientation and mobility specialist from the state division for the visually impaired came to evaluate Nik. This, too, will warrant a separate post soon; Niksdad and I really liked the guy and he has some great ideas for helping Nik learn to navigate his environment and develop a greater awareness of his own body in space.

The presents have all been bought (I think) but need to be wrapped, the tree is finally decorated –though not in our usual style, and I do not have to cook Christmas dinner. Whew! It’s been an overwhelming time here lately and I feel so behind in things I want to write about and share; I’ve been tagged for some memes and awards and I haven’t had the time to respond but I will soon.

In the midst of the craziness, there have been some beautiful bright spots. I received the most wonderful, thoughtful Christmas package from another blogger. I don’t want to embarrass her so I won’t name her. But I do want to publicly thank her for sending me some much needed Christmas cheer and a little TLC, too. I fully understand where her children get their loving, generous spirits and why her students do some inspiring things, too.

On the same day her package arrived, my father came over to help me with some household projects that have been put off while Niksdad has been in school. Big things like modifying my desk and helping to transform our loft space into a more usable office space for both Niksdad and me. He helped me identify some other projects –such as putting in a new front entry floor, adding a counter and cabinets to my tiny laundry closet to make it more user friendly, even helping my husband install or replace some lighting fixtures.

None of it is truly mission critical –it doesn’t keep us from moving ahead with the things we need to do (well, not usually). But having those things done will surely make our home feel a little more settled, a whole lot less frenetic and cluttered, and someplace where we can find a small measure of serenity. Something everyone can surely use, no matter the time of year.

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