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…or why you shouldn’t waste your time on this one!

*Sigh* It sounded so promising.
A comedy about a hunky detective (played by Joseph Fiennes) —albeit somewhat of a poorly written cross between Columbo and Monk— who is obsessed with investigating the Darwin Awards and figuring out why people do these incredibly stupid— usually fatal— things. The script could have practically written itself—and, perhaps, should have.
Throw in some cheesy gimmicks, really stilted dialogue, a foul-mouthed and over-the-top adversary played by Winona Ryder (not her finest work here), and you have such wasted comedic potential.
All that said, it was nice to simply sit and BE together with Niksdad, watching a movie after a long day. Kind of like drinking MD20/20 or Boone’s Farm instead of the good stuff when you don’t really care about the taste; you just want to get buzzed. (Um, for the sake of my reputation clarity here, I have not had either of those fine, fine beverages in about twenty years!)
Now, if you want to imagine this movie all spruced up —dialogue a bit snappier, main characters recast with, say, Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway? (Say what you will about Get Smart;” these two do have some pretty good comedic chemistry!) I might enjoy that one.
But this one? Better to simply go here for a good read.

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