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Niksdad, LPN — kinda has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?
Edited to add —
I wish I had a funny anecdote to relate about how Niksdad found out. Alas, it was as simple as Niksdad calling one of his classmates (from the hospital today) because he was sure he had to be looking at the wrong website.

Um, yeah. That’s my “absent minded professor” husband for you! He was looking on the testing website when he should have been looking on the site for the state licensing board.

Where it had been posted since Friday afternoon!

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As many of you may recall, Niksdad —once a professional Mechanical Engineer licensed in three different states —has gone back to school for nursing. Not just any ol’ nursing, no sir not for him. He wants to be a pediatric nurse anesthetist.

In spite of the fact that he’s already earned multiple degrees, Niksdad had to re-take some courses in order to qualify for the nursing program he is in. He has been in school for two years now —maintaining a 4.0 average, too, if I may brag for a moment —and has finished all but one of the requirements for his LPN (licensed practical nurse); the final hurdle is this exam.
He takes it tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. (Eastern).

He’s been studying like crazy for the past couple of weeks. I know he’ll do great; he never trusts his own knowledge and brilliance. Please think good thoughts for Niksdad to pass his exam tomorrow. Once he passes that test he can start working as a nurse! (Goodbye, Home Depot!)

Of course, I won’t even start to think about the extra year to complete his RN, the year he has to work after that, the additional Bachelors degree (BSN) he must get, followed by the Masters in Nursing he needs to then enter his chosen field.

There are lots of steps and stops along the way. But this one? It’s a biggie —and I’m so proud of him.

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