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You’ve probably been reading or hearing a bit about NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo and thought, “Yeah, they sound really interesting but I’m not really into writing all that much,” or “I don’t have it in me to write something every single day.” Well, that may or may not be true —only you know yourself for sure.

However, these two campaigns have an element in common that even non-writers can benefit from. Both challenge the individual to dig down a little deeper and stretch a little farther than they think they are capable of stretching; the chosen method of challenge in these cases just so happens to be writing. If you’re a writer that’s a great thing; for the non-writers among us, fear not, there’s NaChYoMoNational Challenge Yourself Month! (Hey, it’s my blog! I can make up whatever I want!)

What if we each picked one thing that we struggle with or procrastinate about; something we simply don’t make a high enough priority to do? What if we each made the commitment to rise to the challenge? What if we pushed our boundaries or stepped just outside our comfort zones? Think of the changes we could affect in our lives, the accomplishments we could boast of, or the chores that would finally get done and crossed off that to-do list!

So, readers, I challenge you to join me in NaChYoMo. Here’s how it works:

Choose one thing —something difficult, something you’ve been avoiding or ignoring —that you want to accomplish this month and make a public commitment to do something each and every day in furtherance of that goal. It doesn’t matter what the challenge is. For some of us it might be an onerous task; for others it might be making time to pamper yourself. There are no rules except the ones you set for yourself.

Sounds easy, right? Betcha it’s not.

Are you up for it? Leave your goal in the comment section of this post —or post a link to your own blog —and tell us about what you want to accomplish and why it’s a challenge. If you need any specific support to make it happen, let us know that too. Then, go for it!

The rest is up to you to follow through or not. No one’s going to ask you to write about it every day (unless you want to, then, well you might want to consider participating in NaBloPoMo, too!). No one’s even going to check up on you unless you ask for that. But, I hope at the end of the month you’ll check back and let us know how you did so we can applaud your efforts!


The personal challenge I am going to tackle is to do something every single day in furtherance of truly cleaning and decluttering my house. Truly. We’ve lived here just over three and a half years and are still tripping over unpacked boxes and miscellaneous piles of crap in our loft. Our filing system consists of stacks of papers and items strategically placed in the dining room, the living room, our bedroom. Ironically, Nik’s room is about the most organized in the house. If I’m brutally honest, our house has become a manifestation of our collective exhaustion and mild depression. The chaos is slowly eating away at us both.

We have had lots of excuses for not dealing with it once and for all. First, it was the fact that Nik was so sick for a while. Then, the not sleeping through the night for nearly two years. And let’s not forget Niksdad’s nursing school, or Nik’s many appointments for feeding, speech, PT, OT. Certainly, those things take a lot of time and energy; so does living in a chaotic environment. And the chaos, besides being mentally and emotionally draining, does not support our longer term goals of a nice home, home schooling our son, entertaining friends, and generally “having a life.”

Not anymore. This month, I am going to tackle one room at a time and finally get my house back. In the process, I’m willing to bet that I’ll get a whole lot more. I may or may not write about it here on the blog but I’ll share my progress with a few people; I tend to need the accountability to keep me motivated until the habit becomes ingrained.

I hope you’ll join me in my own version of the Na-blah-blah-Mo phenomenon. Let the journey begin…

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