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In the interest of full disclosure —and trying to be a responsible parent and blogger— I do need to clarify something about yesterday’s post.

What Niksdad and I chose to do in taking Nik swimming was not wise and definitely not recommended practice. In fact, someone —whose opinion I value and who has professional experience with things of this nature— did contact me offline to remind me why it is generally not a good idea to take a child swimming after they’ve been sedated. This person reminded me of the lower muscle tone often found in autistics and the sometimes barely noticeable muscle weakness and sedation which can continue to have an effect up to 24 hours later.

I am not posting this information for the purpose of self-flagellation; at the time we made the decision it did seem like Nik was fine and we were extremely cautious with him. He never left our grasp and we didn’t let him get too rambunctious; we focused more on the pressure of the water and its soothing sensory effects.

However, my blog friend’s very sage advice also reminded me that anything can happen in an instant. I like to think that I am careful and diligent but you just never know what can happen.

So, the next time I want to take Nik swimming after sedation, maybe I’ll just sit in the bath tub with him. He’s too precious to risk.

And to my “meddling” friend (you know who you are)… thank you for caring enough to contact me. Friends don’t let friends parent irresponsibly.

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