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Well, I’m finally starting to catch up on some housekeeping items both IRL (in-real-life) and here on my blog. That post about Nik’s continuing awesomeness is in the works and should be up soon. Meanwhile, here are some lovely awards I’ve been given recently that I’d like to pass along.


First off, I am embarrassed to admit that pixiemama gave me this thoughtful award**a while back; I bookmarked it and then forgot to follow up. (Oops…does that negate my qualification for the award??)

Before anyone has a chance to speak up and tell me that it does in fact disqualify me, I’d like to pass it along to some other special and thoughtful women. I don’t know if they’ve received it or not; if they have, well, they doubly deserve it then!

Joymama over at Elvis Sightings always manages to touch my heart in some way; She also, I think, shares some of my glass half full attitude about parenting and the world of special needs. Her daughters are a delight and I often find myself wishing they lived near enough to get to know in person.

My dear cyber friends Kyra and DramaMama both share amazing insights in beautiful ways; they also find so many ways to express their love for friends and family and fearlessly share their passion for living life to the richest and fullest —no matter how it might look in any given moment.

Gretchen is one of those bloggers who kind of flies under the radar but I always find myself either thinking or feeling deeply after reading her posts. She’s another one of those women I wish lived closer so I could get to know her better.

Pam, Rhett’s mom, shares the ups and downs of life with her family and parenting children with and without special needs. They’ve had a rough time over the past year or so but she nearly always manages to bring the focus back to the gifts and joys that her family brings. That always puts my heart back in the right place!

The second award was recently given by the awesome Autistic Bitch From Hell, affectionately known as abfh. I was thrilled she thought of me because, well, I love her blog! She writes funny, snarky, always insightful posts about civil rights, neurodiversity, and life over at Whose Planet Is It Anyway?

I’m supposed to pass it along to seven other blogs that I love but there are so many of ’em; it’s too hard to choose! Let’s see, there are some of my tried and true faves such as Mom-NOS, Kristen, Jennifer, Vicki, and Joeymom (ooh, she already got this one, darn!). Then there are some blogs that I’ve recently discovered or who don’t necessarily shine their light out from under that ol’ bushel…

Christine writes about life with her family which includes two adorable sons —one with autism and one without. She’s another homeschooling mama like me and I learn so much every time I read her posts.

I love reading Marla’s blog too. She writes about everything from life with her daughter, Maizie, and it’s inherent challenges to birthday parties for hamsters (or are the guinea pigs, Marla??). In addition to the gorgeous pictures she takes and shares, Marla writes with such clarity and depth that I always go back to re-read things to make sure I haven’t missed a smidge!

So there you have seven to check out if you don’t already know them! And, of course, for many, many more than seven fabulous blogs, pop on over to the Autism Hub. You’ll be glad you did.

**[This lovely award is created by Crystal @ Memoirs of a Mommy in honor of Noah and the donor of his sweet little heart who ENCOURAGES us to SHARE THE LOVE ! Thanks Crystal! (Click on Memoirs of a Mommy to learn and read this special love story!) The rules for this award are to pass it along to some people whose blogs you love. They make you laugh, smile, leave encouraging comments on your blog. You would like to share some love with them because they have uplifted, inspired, encouraged or prayed for you. Please include this paragraph with the link to Memoirs of a Mommy so that everyone will know where this award originated.]

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…or why you shouldn’t waste your time on this one!

*Sigh* It sounded so promising.
A comedy about a hunky detective (played by Joseph Fiennes) —albeit somewhat of a poorly written cross between Columbo and Monk— who is obsessed with investigating the Darwin Awards and figuring out why people do these incredibly stupid— usually fatal— things. The script could have practically written itself—and, perhaps, should have.
Throw in some cheesy gimmicks, really stilted dialogue, a foul-mouthed and over-the-top adversary played by Winona Ryder (not her finest work here), and you have such wasted comedic potential.
All that said, it was nice to simply sit and BE together with Niksdad, watching a movie after a long day. Kind of like drinking MD20/20 or Boone’s Farm instead of the good stuff when you don’t really care about the taste; you just want to get buzzed. (Um, for the sake of my reputation clarity here, I have not had either of those fine, fine beverages in about twenty years!)
Now, if you want to imagine this movie all spruced up —dialogue a bit snappier, main characters recast with, say, Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway? (Say what you will about Get Smart;” these two do have some pretty good comedic chemistry!) I might enjoy that one.
But this one? Better to simply go here for a good read.

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